Chuan Qi Precision

Chuan Qi Precision is a startup company, founded in early 2021 and dedicated to research and development of top internal combustion model engines. We strive to make high performance rc model engines used in cars, boats, aircrafts, other than desk toys. 

In August 2021 we rolled out our first engine, a miniature V12 gasoline engine in pushrod structure. We put on it all the key features necessary on a rc engine, like water cooling, independent lubrication, splash lubrication, crankshaft oil passage, full supported crankshaft, high precision camshaft, oil ring etc. It’s powerful and eye-catching. However we didn’t manage to bring it to mass production. The next project is another V12 in single over-head cam structure. It’s on sale now. It comes with water cooling, splash lubrication, and electronic auto-advancing ignition.

To fit our engine into a RC car, transmission is a must-be. But for a long time, this option is missing from the market. To sovle this headache, we designed a transmission match for our V12 engine. It’s a 4 speed / 6 shifts sequential gearbox and a diaphragm clutch. 3 optional output shafts allow for different engine layout like FR, F4, MR, M-AWD. It comes with reverse inhibiting mechanism and sychromesh.  You’ll drive like a real manual car. 

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