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Chuan Qi was founded in early 2021, and dedicated to research and development of top internal combustion model engines. We strive to make performance model engines that could be useful other than desktop toys. Each engine is out of our own design. There is no referenced prototype for us to copy. We hope one day we could replicate some famous engines if it’s allowed to do so.

In August 2021 we rolled out our first engine prototype, a miniature V12 gasoline engine in pushrod structure. It has almost all the features of a real V12 engine, like water cooling, independent lubrication, splash lubrication, crankshaft oil passage, full supported crankshaft, high precision camshaft etc. Upon announcement, it made a hit. However we didn’t manage to bring it to mass production. In the following months, we turned to a new machine, still V12, however in single over-head cam structure.

At present we have to commit our fabrication to different suppliers. All those suppliers are selected carefully to ensure our requirements are met. Each product is assembled, tested and tuned before delivery.

Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee

A true engine enthusiast. An interest fostered since childhood. Due to this it also costed him a finger. Before Chuan Qi, he has designed a single cylinder and a straight six cylinder for fun.

Push Rod V12 Engine

Push-Rod V12

Chuan Qi's first engine. It's rolled out in 2021. However it's a risk investment and finally turned out a failed product due to its high fabrication cost and other reasons.

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